What might happen if you dare to dream?


Once upon a time there was a little girl who lived in a dolls house. It was only big enough for her, which was fortunate because that was all she had. And anyway, at the time, it almost felt too much as she sought solace from the big bad world she had been roaming through, wild and free. She found a place for everything and everything in its place. And bit by bit, day by day, the chaos of the world around calmed and she learnt to tame herself too. And then she taught herself how to dream…

But what happens when you get everything you’ve ever dreamt of? Are you happy? Does something feel missing? Or do you dare to dream of more?

This week I stood inside a house: a dream house. A house that the little girl never imagined might be hers. A board outside read sold because that dream house might just be mine.

But dare I dream? Dare I let go of fear and trust in faith? Dare I let my imagination turn impossibilities into hopes and wishes and watch my heart soar?

Because dreams don’t always come true. You hear about it everyday.

I think about that little girl. How she felt. How she behaved. The lessons she taught herself. I remember.

I quietly whisper to my heart and hold on tightly to my hopes with faith…



The best bits of the day: 5.45am


I am a lark. Morning is for me. I have never needed an alarm clock because my body just knows; it’s the best bit of the day.

Everyone else is asleep: dreaming. But I am here, almost alone, and dreaming too. I can feel the potential, the possibilities, the promise. I lay here and play out my hopes and wishes and even fears in my head before I have to face them. Somehow it is best this way.

Because, sadly, life has made me a little pessimistic.

I don’t want to be this way. I look for the key to positivity. The secret. Wise words to help me see. Words I want to live by. If I am being really good, it is when I run. Ultimately, I all to often fail, but here, first thing, it feels like something that could be. I try to will it in to being. A day pregnant with the prospect of something different.

I hope with all my heart, as I do every day, that today is that day.

For you as well as me.