Going to new lengths…


Over time, I have come to discover that those last few weeks in August can be something really special. Growing up in a household full of teachers (and going on to continue that tradition), the summer break can often be quite a testing time with all that free time you really should be spending together. But as the holidays draw to a close and thoughts fast forward to the academic year ahead, I have learnt to find an opportunity to think selfishly and fall in love with all that might be…

And, for me, that always includes clothes.

As a teenager, my mum would make time to take me shopping at this time of year; often to Oxford Street where I would be able to project my small town self in to a world where I might be able to wear what I wanted and, in turn, be someone I dreamed I could be. She would (in the main) bite her tongue as I picked up shoes, dresses and skirts that were probably inappropriate and always impractical and then, over lunch out, listen as I endlessly weighed up the pros and cons before drawing my conclusions. I take shopping very seriously. If I was lucky (and I often was. Much luckier than I probably deserved.), I would return on the train clutching a few bags of favoured items to walk the streets of my home town in as if it were an international catwalk. (Thinking back, I remember a little too fondly a lilac Pineapple strappy dress worn with yellow Reebok classics which sadly tells you sometime about my fourteen year old style. But that is another story for another day…)

And yesterday, we re-embarked upon this tradition. Albeit a trip to Milton Keynes with my dad and daughter in tow, sandwiches consumed with a toddler having a tantrum on a bench and my hasty exit as I hurried off to view a house. Oh, to be a grown up! However, in keeping with tradition, I was much luckier than I deserved and returned with a new jacket.

This gave me the bug.

When I woke up this morning to the best bit of the day I picked up my phone (as I always do) and began browsing. Soon I discovered I have a new favourite must have item: midi skirts.

So here are a few of my favourites…


This full skirt in washed blue is simple, affordable and in a soft colour to see through those remaining summer days.


The button down the front of this make it just beautiful!


I have never been able to resist tartan!

As I looked at skirt after skirt I saw why this length is for me; long enough for work, no flashing my pants as I play with my daughter and no doubts over age appropriateness that leave me feeling old.

The I remembered I had already bought one before I left for holiday! A full skirt made of a stiff fabric in a lovely mink colour with pockets! What could be more perfect? And it even matches my new jacket! Bliss!