Fashion Favourites: The Perfect Parker

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So, when I became a parent I decided it was probably about time to grow up and consider practicalities when making my outfit choices. This resulted in some rather mixed results; sensible flats are something I still struggle with, I find myself all too often choosing between two pairs of nearly identical skinny jeans and I am yet to find the perfect colour to mask the multitude of messes a toddler might make on any given day.

However, this decision did lead me to make an excellent purchase; the perfect parker!


Some questioned my choice of purchase at the start of the month of July but, fortunately(?), I soon developed mastitis and spent the summer shivering. Since then I have worn it almost every day of the last two years…bar those all too sparse days of British sunshine.

I cannot fault it. It is the quintessential khaki colour, has a huge fur trimmed hood, a detachable warm white lining and pockets large enough to contain a phone, purse, a muslin, gloves (mine and my daughters), a hat, a selection of small toys, keys and an all important bottle of diet coke. Impressive, I know.

And as I reacquainted myself with it of a rainy day I realised just how much I love it. The fur is starting to thin and the lining is not as white as it once was but I’m simply not sure I’m ready for a replacement…