Everyday can be a fresh start. A challenge. A new beginning. An opportunity to make or break or become someone or something you always wanted to be. Or never even dreamed possible.

I am someone who is always looking for that clean break. Searching and seeking a chance for something else. And then, somehow, I found myself here.

And here you will find a mother. A lover. A teacher who is still a child inside. A friend. A freshly formed feminist and many, many other people besides.

Page by page and post by post the words will reveal a little bit of all of the people I am. The people I have been. Those I never might meet and those who I hope to be, given half a chance. And the words will start to shine a light on dark days and slowly sparkle when speaking from my heart.

And with each word I type I will try, oh, how I will try, to be someone good…



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