What bedtime really is…..


Whilst I wait for my own words to return, you might like to try these…


Before I was a parent, I used to think the hour reading stories at bedtime must be the best bit of the day. I had images of clean, sweet smelling children, all snuggled up in soft pyjamas in bed, drifting quietly off to sleep while I read them a chapter of Enid Blyton. Ah, how lovely it would be, finishing our day in such harmony, leaning over to kiss them gently goodnight after their eyes drifted shut, before going downstairs and leaving them to sleep soundly for twelve hours while I sat in my tidy living room, discussed all the joys of the day with my husband, and perhaps watched a bit of Grey’s Anatomy before going to bed myself. Five years into being a parent, it’s clear that my actual best part of the day is when I shut the door on them, go downstairs to my toy strewn…

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