The best bits of the day: 5.45am


I am a lark. Morning is for me. I have never needed an alarm clock because my body just knows; it’s the best bit of the day.

Everyone else is asleep: dreaming. But I am here, almost alone, and dreaming too. I can feel the potential, the possibilities, the promise. I lay here and play out my hopes and wishes and even fears in my head before I have to face them. Somehow it is best this way.

Because, sadly, life has made me a little pessimistic.

I don’t want to be this way. I look for the key to positivity. The secret. Wise words to help me see. Words I want to live by. If I am being really good, it is when I run. Ultimately, I all to often fail, but here, first thing, it feels like something that could be. I try to will it in to being. A day pregnant with the prospect of something different.

I hope with all my heart, as I do every day, that today is that day.

For you as well as me.



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