My salute to the sun

Health and fitness

Feet fixed. Toes spread. Rooted to the earth. Engage and zip up from below. Tall now, really tall. My head pulled up to all that is possible. My heart open. What might be?


Inhale…long limbs lift and encircle the world. My world. In this moment. Look to the sky before I…

…exhale and dive down. Stiff at first, it seems more a sigh. Then blood rushes around my ears and fills me with that force. Energy. Determination.

Inhale. Look up. Feel it again.

Hold and step back. Strong. Powerful. Passionate. My favourite moment. One that can’t last just like all the others.

Exhale down and press down. I feel the progress. Pride. Let it go and…

…push forward to reveal the imperfection. Inhale. Almost. Beauty and grace and goodness bending back and looking up. Again, it can’t last.

Exhale. Push back. Tight legs, bent knees, heels that just won’t reach the ground; flawed. Sink a little deeper. Feel it. Hands spread to hold firm and the rush returns.

Inhale. Jump. Look up.

Exhale. Fold. Feel it.

Inhale. Find that world once again. Mine, all mine. All that is possible. All that is real. All that might be.

Exhale. Hands pressed at heart. Peace…begin again.


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