Saturday Night Selfie



I’m the sort of girl who loves an early night. A bath, book and bed are my idea of fun. Putting on my pyjamas is my favourite part of the day.

So the prospect of a night out often fills me with dread. Even only a night out to the local Indian restaurant where I am likely to be home before eleven.

But, sometimes, nothing beats the getting ready. Nothing is better than styling your hair, putting on some sheen or shimmer and slipping your feet in to something decidedly less comfortable than slippers.

A moment when you look in the mirror and are reminded of how important it is to make an effort every now and again.


9 thoughts on “Saturday Night Selfie

  1. You look great! I’m still not there yet — I refuse to wear a bra, get out of my PJs, or even wash my hair unless it’s absolutely necessary. But maybe some day I’ll have my own fancy selfie to show. =]

  2. You look delicious Rebecca. And I’m guessing that that effort (which may be not so little, after all) is really important. Just wish your way of thinking would be more extended!

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