Beautiful words


Last week I had a bad morning. My hair fell flat. I had nothing to wear. I mean, literally, nothing. My mood was dark and angry, the lump in my throat wouldn’t shift and I felt certain, just certain, there would be tears.

And then, as I stopped to get petrol and stepped out of the car, a total stranger paused to look me up and down and told me I looked stunning. I didn’t. But I smiled. Shallow I know.

Tonight I came to bed crying. Foolish tears born out of tiredness but tears all the same. I picked up my phone to read and found this;


Who can fail to smile when they are told they are beautiful? And everyone is beautiful when they smile.


7 thoughts on “Beautiful words

  1. All women are beautiful in my book, but some women shine more than others. I know that’s just my opinion, but i just wish that all men could see women the way i do x

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