Little pieces of me


I always was a hoarder. I would keep everything, afraid to throw it out in case I forgot. Every possession I treasured, I treasured.

It was all there. Ticket stubs from first and last dates, flyers from clubs, love notes, letters unsent… I kept a keep sake from every moment that had made me smile. Items that held nothing but happy memories. And hope.

As I grew older and the memories moved further and further from my mind I still clung to these mementoes. It was as if just by having them I held the bricks, the keys, for happiness.

But I didn’t. And often, in retrospect, these treasured reminders simply made me sad. Made me long for a life that was no longer mine.

Piece by piece, and then in piles, my treasures became just trash. No longer items of importance because my identity had shifted. I was no longer to let things hold me back…


2 thoughts on “Little pieces of me

  1. It is good to hold onto some things and sometimes u just have to let things go. The trick to life is knowing what to keep and what to throw away. Your life is more important than anything thing else and good happy memories are not all about little pieces of paper. Take care and be happy x

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