A second chance?

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I stumbled my way through the years. Lost without you. I wonder now if you could feel it too?

I had cut you from my life with blunt, childish scissors. Attempted to repair the tear with false confidence and ever failing dreams. We were too young. Another time, another place.

But time came and went and places passed us by. Alone again (or often not) I would catch myself wishing for you by my side. Finding your face and your voice and your touch absent when I needed them most. Finding that void.

Too proud. Too fearful. Too ashamed. There could only ever be one second chance.

But time had patience and worked in its way. Places have pulled us apart again and again and again.

And all that time finding it hard we let that happen.


8 thoughts on “A second chance?

  1. Do you have an amazing short story of the romance genre? I would love to :proofread” it. πŸ™‚ – nice wording. Let me know if you already have a romantic short story. If not, let me know that instead. πŸ™‚

  2. This moved me deeply.
    It’s true, you can happen to find true love when the time just isn’t right. This makes you wish a second chance, and you could even get it; only, as you so perceptively wrote, time and places work in their way, things change, life goes on. And you could find yourself with that one special person, again, but the time still won’t be right.
    Thank you for writing, thank you for making me remember.

  3. This reads like poetry. It has a lovely flow and rhythm, and when the rhythm breaks, it doesn’t break the harmony of the piece. Very well written indeed πŸ™‚

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