A Day At The Races


As I type this I am in a minibus on my way to the Epsom Derby . A day out with the whole family; mum, dad, daughter, in laws….you name them and they are here. Well, except my brother in law who, his sister informs me in a hushed whisper from the back seat, is making his own way down after a heavy Friday night. And there’s first minor bump on the road…


And as the rain begins to fall from dark skies, I try to remind myself that this is what family occasions are supposed to be like. Christmases, birthdays, family holidays just wouldn’t be the same if there wasn’t something forced. When we gave everyone their tickets as a one-size-fits-all solution to Christmas presents it seemed like a great idea. But after a week of negotiating regarding travel and picnic arrangements, checking the weather app daily only to be repeatedly disappointed, an early morning trip to Tesco and lots of checking and re-checking of who was in charge of which tickets (and obviously failing to get a lot of this right!), it all feels a bit too much like hard work. Maybe we should have stuck to socks.

However, as we approach the car park and I check the clock, I begin to relax. What can go that wrong? We are family…on a nice day out.

But, then again, maybe it’s just the rapidly approaching prospect of a pre midday glass of champagne. Or remembering that the day provided a good excuse to buy that jacket…



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