The first.

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I hadn’t ever met anyone like you. I guess I had been a little sheltered. Or a little blind. You weren’t.

You opened my eyes. You made me smile. And I needed that.

I never thought I would end up with you.

In the end, I guess I didn’t.

When I picture your face now I see it in close up; pretty eyes and a crooked smile. Dated songs and cigarette smoke flood a pub that has long since faded away. Soft lips as you take hold of my face in your hands and claim the rest with your words. Words that scared me because I knew we had both said them before.

But I fell. So deeply and so completely that I forgot my fear and I grew. We grew. Together. And day by day, month after month and in to years you taught me how to become me.

And then I forgot.


4 thoughts on “The first.

  1. This is lovely! Sad, of course, but very poetic. I like your writing very much and how you are able to convey so much with so few words.

  2. I love this. So much memories, thank you for writing and reawakening them. It’s weird how someone I don’t know can have more or less the same experiences as me and write them so effectively. Thank you!

    1. Thank you for taking time to read it! I think that is part of the beauty of reading; when you your experiences expressed by someone else and feel connected via the common aspects of human existence. It feels good to know that I have managed to do that with my words so thank you for the feedback too x

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