Diet starts Monday


I’m an all or nothing kind or girl. Right or wrong, good or bad, never any grey. Fresh starts and clean breaks are what I live for; an opportunity to begin again, get it perfect this time and, ultimately, become something someone different and new.

Clearly a recipe for disaster but, even after all this time, I never let a little something like that stand in my way…

So, after a half term holiday featuring a break in Barcelona, scattered with a few sunny days and soaked in half a bottle of white wine a night, Monday morning is here again. And, yes, I am well aware that Monday is simply another temporal landmark and no guarantee of success but, haven’t I made it clear that I like that?

For anyone reading this who knows me, don’t worry, I know I’m not ‘fat’. (And for anyone reading this who really knows me, thank you for acknowledging that hasn’t always been the case!) But, for me, this isn’t really what diets are about.

Today I am going to be good. I will eat well. I will not eat junk. I will not drink wine. I will not drink fizzy drinks. I will drink water. I will run. I will take inspiration from healthy role models.

But rules are made to be broken and I have learnt to become a very good cheat.

My cookie intake has become a running joke at work. People (who don’t really know me) often stop me by the mirrors in the toilets to tell me how lucky I must be to be able to eat what I want and stay so thin. I won’t go in to the how’s here but I can assure you that this is not the case. I can assure you that all research is correct and in order to maintain a healthy weight you must diet and exercise. Or develop some damaging strategies for cheating.

So Monday morning is here again. And the part of me dying to be someone new is telling me it’s a fresh start and a clean break. And they are right. I do need to stop drinking wine every night and a visit to Burger King for breakfast (don’t ask) is never a good idea. But maybe this time I need to break a different habit too.

After all, the inevitable Monday morning activity for a part time working mum is a visit to meet friends in a coffee shop. And 10.33am seems a little early to fail.



2 thoughts on “Diet starts Monday

  1. Whilst reading your latest blog, I am stuck between two deeply serious and disapproving chaps on a very hot, grey, sweaty cattle train. As I am every morning. And of course I am late again! So you can imagine reading your blog has transported me to a world of shared humour and uplifting thoughts. You made me laugh out loud twice or thrice on a day when I didn’t think I would laugh at all! Thank you for this and thank you for your wonderful literary ways. On the subject of your post it was almost like reading (one of) the monologue that whirs around my own mind au sujet de diets. Maybe we all have the same one swirling round inside. How can we change the record to one that gets us to a newly defined result that we have a part in cocreating? Ie not one inherited from outside. I don’t have time to explain more now, a new chap has arrived on the scene and has started attacking me with his satchel that is subtle commuter code for can you move your leg it’s in my way. Anyway I will your lead today and be healthy. I haven’t time or energy to train at the moment bug I can make good food choices so I will. Thank you for the inspiration!

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