Just in case


I could never keep a diary. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had plenty. I’m a self confessed Paperchase geek! Every January, and September (a perk of being a teacher; two new years!) and countless times throughout the year when I start a new project or have a new idea, for as long as I can remember, I have treated myself to a beautiful, fresh and brand new diary, journal or notebook. Every time I promise myself I will keep it up and write every day. I never do.

I get all excited at first; matching pen, best handwriting, detailed entries. But then I forget, try and catch up, fail and eventually quit.

So here is that first excited flush! And a back up…just in case I fall behind.

And a gratuitous excuse to lust after some current stationery favourites in lieu of an actual diary!

A girly take on a classic!


Two stylish designs. Lightweight and old school.

Traditional diary format in a funky pattern.

A beautiful design with lots of potential to customise with stickers or other inserts.


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