This week I was inspired. To be honest, I’m inspired most days but I’m just too lazy, scared or indecisive to do anything about it but maybe this time it might be different…

My friend Laurenne is trying something new. I say my friend because that’s how it feels. Despite the fact I hadn’t seen her in a very long time and, even before that, we hadn’t spent much time together, the kindness she showed me when we first met, just after becoming mums, made me feel good about myself and who I could be and, a while back, I decided anyone new in my life should make me feel that way. So, yes, she is my friend. And she is trying something new, challenging herself, taking a risk. In short, she is DOING something. Not just dreaming it, not just talking about it, not just listing for herself all the reasons it couldn’t work, she wouldn’t be able to do or why it would fail. Just doing it. And I liked that. And the bit of me that feels like a good person wanted to help. So I got involved. I liked her Facebook statuses, shared with my ‘friends’ (something I NEVER do. Despite my addiction, I hate Facebook) and commented on her blog. And I liked that too.

And I was a little bit jealous.

Recently, I’ve also been jealous of my friend Emma. She’s leaving in two months with a boy who it is clear for the whole world to see is her soul mate (if you, or even I, believe in such a thing) to walk bare foot on sandy beaches, swim in the sea and spend her days doing something different. And I will miss her terribly. But I’m not jealous of the sun, sand and simple life. I am jealous that’s she’s doing it. I look at her and see someone brave and someone passionate and the voice deep down inside me (the one I keep quiet with endless lists of reasons it will fail) screams “I WANT TO BE LIKE THAT!!!”

And then yesterday I met Laurenne at her first Songbirds group in St Albans. We talked about her new ideas and, in particular, her blog, and I could hear that little voice inside me piping up again….

And sometimes it’s easier to accept a challenge from someone else…

So, thank you Laurenne, here I am…


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